Bees - Arlene's Doily and Indian Paintbrush Platter.

Arlene was by Dad's cousin that helped rise him. She passed away many years ago, however, I keep her art alive within my pottery. I use two of her doilies in my studio.  Even when she lost her sight she continued to create prefect doilies.

On this platter I used a underglaze rub techique on the doily. The indian paintbrush I created an illusion that they are within a meadow of blooming balsamroots over the impressed bees and honeycomb. When handpainting the indian paintbrush I use underglazes, so that I can blend the hues of reds to create the wildflower after the underglazes are paintedd over with a clear glaze. On the back of the platter is the same doliy that was impressed within the clay over a honeybee comb impression and finished with a underglaze rub.

The platter was created from handrolled stoneware clay. The platter was fired to a cone 6, all the glazes are food safe, it can be used in a micorwave and dishwasher. 

Size: 10.25" x 13.75" 

Bees and Indian Paintbrush with Arlene's Doily