This tray measures 13 inches x 4 inches and has the Tetons on both sides. 
The tray depicts a field sketching I did of 399 and her cubs this passed May in Grand Teton National Park.  I carved the field sketch into the hand rolled clay. It was finished by rubbing underglazes into the carving, then hand painted with a clear glaze. 
That morning I was able to watch the family for about a half hour. One of the cubs I nicknamed the wander since the cub would wander a bit to find Sagebrushes to play with. Only a couple times did 399 be vocal for the cub to move along with the family.  Of course from where I was watching the bears you cannot see both the Grand and Mt Moran as I depicted them, but that’s the beauty of art you can add and delete what you wish to illustrate. 

399 and her cubs Pilgrim Creek